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Best Speakeasy Miami

The Anti Social Room remains one of Miami Beach’s best-kept secrets. Found inconspicuously in ORA Nightclub’s glamorous 10,000 square foot interior, one must simply take the staircase to top floor and behold. The 1,500 square foot speakeasy-style hideaway invokes a sense of privacy, a speed different from the dance floor beneath.



Decorated with leather seating, boiserie paneled doors, and low tables, the mismatched furnishings are tied together by the people and the cocktails; it’s about the interactions and the hand-crafted drinks. Anti Social boasts an extensive drink menu with an eclectic take on classic cocktails with white glove service and thoughtful presentations. It is the lair of the club where one could escape for a complex beverage and indulge in forbidden liaisons.


South Beach locals club

Here, the artists, trendsetters and hedonists gather for a drink and dance the night away to a wide array of soundtracks. Everything from hip hop classics, to songs the crowd sing the words to, and the beats that make bodies want to move could be heard. David Bowie’s legendary words “Let’s Dance” take full embodiment. Visitors never forget The Anti Social Motto: the one’s that don’t fit in can always find a home with good company and lengthy cocktail menu.

South Beach locals Club, Best Speakeasy Miami, South Beach local Bar

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